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Staffing / Outsourcing
Working with the requirements of our clients, our recruiters, who are trained and certified professionals can quickly identify the client's needs. One Touch Solutions can quickly place qualified employees in short or long term positions where they can immediately benefit the client.  Click on the 1TS Staffing tab to find out more.
Network Design and Installation
Based on your needs and individual circumstances, One Touch Solutions will assist you from start to finish in the design, development, implementation and documentation of your new network.
Network Monitoring & Site Management
One Touch Solutions now provides a single proactive and scalable service that can encompass all of your network maintenance and monitoring needs. This service is called Advonetix.  Click on the Monitoring & Maintenance tab to find out more.
Migration / Integration
Whether it is your servers, workstations, network operating systems or applications, in today's business arena it is beneficial to keep up with technology. As your customers grow the ability to interact with them on a common ground is a necessity. One Touch Solutions will provide a cost effective path to upgrade existing systems or integrate newer technology into your existing network without disregarding the investment currently in place.
IT Support
One Touch Solutions provides a variety of support strategies ranging from per incident to full time onsite placement. These strategies encompass warranty, replacement, repair, helpdesk support, network troubleshooting and Administration. One Touch Solutions will provide the best solution to economically benefit each client, enabling them to maintain a proactive stable working environment.
Internet & Email Connectivity
If you are a sprouting new company or a weathered corporation, the ability to communicate with colleagues on a local or global level provides a lifeline to any business. Communication across the internet enhances a company's exposure and provides an endless supply of information. One Touch Solutions can provide the configuration knowledge to allow efficient communication and information access.
To continue growth and successfully achieve goals accurate documentation must be maintained. One Touch Solutions will provide a starting point by documenting a complete inventory of existing hardware and software systems. We will also diagram the existing network layout and make suggestions for improving efficiency. As a standard company procedure, One Touch Solutions provides a detailed document listing all hardware, software and their configurations upon the completion of any new network installation or integration project.
Asset Management
As companies grow and additional hardware and software systems are purchased, accurate asset management is required. One Touch Solutions provides the ability to easily manage all aspects of the network environment.


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