ADVONETIX: Features and Benefits  


Move your Business from Reactive Chaos to Proactive reliability!

Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. You need One Touch Solutions to deliver proactive services that not only keep your network up and running, but running effectively and efficiently.  One Touch Solutions’ complete Advonetix package means that you will see increased performance, security, and reliability – immediately, and at an affordable price.

 1. Quick Response

       Advonetix can monitor what issues are affecting your network, and will respond before they become critical – such as a server running low on memory or immanent hard drive failure

       Automatic alert dispatch to One Touch Solutions guarantees a quick response to problems at your site


2. Security Monitoring

       Alerts One Touch Solutions on attempted network access by unauthorized users

       Software content control allows you to ban high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal peer-to-peer file sharing which monopolize business resources and promote viruses and Spyware

       Extensive security reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire network’s security

       Patch inventory ensures your operating systems are up to date and not exposed to vulnerabilities


3. Graphical Performance Reporting

       Scheduled executive reporting, automatically generated and sent directly to your e-mail address

       Easy-to-understand graphical reports with “un/acceptable threshold” lines

       Makes capacity management and upgrade planning simple


4. Remote Management and Communication

        Advonetix can minimize disruptions to the work environment by remotely resolving issues using a secure VPN system

        If an issue arises that requires on-site assistance; prior in-depth knowledge allows One Touch Solutions to send fully prepared specialists who can resolve the issue faster than ever before

        Network services monitoring and alerting (POP3, HTTP, FTP and others)

        Very low bandwidth requirements – Advonetix will not slow down your network’s response time.

        Will quickly alert One Touch Solutions before an   issue becomes critical – such as a server running low on memory. 


5. Detailed Site Level Inventory

       Up-to-date hardware, software and patch information - automatically collected, 100% accurate – can be used for insurance claims in case of flood, fire or theft


6. Grow Your Business, Cut Costs!

       Visits from One Touch Solutions shift from fixing problems to cooperatively managing your network’s growth

       Maximize the life of existing hardware and minimize unnecessary expenses by reallocating existing resources to where they are needed most


Call One Touch Solutions today and ask about Advonetix - your network advocate!  

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