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 Welcome to One Touch Solutions!

 Are you tired of all the " Techno Lingo ?"  Do you want a company that you
can trust - a company that will talk to you in terms that you can understand?

Are you looking for a professional IT company to partner with that is
knowledgeable and experienced - a company that will lead you away
from the reactive chaos to a proactive network?

One Touch Solutions, Inc. is a premier IT Computer Consulting company
dedicated to understanding, accomplishing and supporting your unique
needs and long term goals.  To prove this point, we offer a free initial
consultation. This consultation will allow us to get to know your business
and show you that we will be a perfect partner to support your business.

One Touch Solutions has been servicing clients for over 10 years and
obtained the highest level of certifications our industry has to offer.
We are committed to improve your business process and reduce costs
while allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

Increasingly, over the past 10 years, our clients have been asking us 
to find and fill IT positions for their organizations. Through the years, 
we have streamlined the staffing process to ensure you get the right 
candidate at the right time.  Our clients understand that we have the 
knowledge and expertise to find and produce top quality talent that 
will mesh well with their organization. 

One Touch Solutions' goal is to economically benefit each client through
timely and precise contracts, guaranteeing professional experienced 
support for all of your computer needs.


Contact One Touch Solutions today and discover

the flexibility and expertise that we offer.



Welcome to One Touch Solutions, Inc.  

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