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As a manager, you know the value of great people. Without a close, cohesive group, it's nearly impossible to achieve your goals and deliver results for your company. One Touch Solutions understands your challenges and knows that, in today's marketplace, locating and securing top talent is as difficult as ever. Businesses need a partner now more than ever – a partner like One Touch Solutions that can access the right talent at the right time.

At One Touch Solutions, we focus on talent where we have experience, proven performance, and clients that need a partner to support their hiring needs. With that in mind, our team of experts only focuses on what their education and career experience has provided - Information Technology Positions.  Using this experience, our expert professionals get to know our client companies and understand what our candidates want and do best.

We don't believe that finding the right people should take you away from what you do best -- so we make staffing easy. When you contact One Touch Solutions, you'll work with a staffing professional that functions as an extension of your team. We'll ask you the right questions about your organization, the positions you need to staff, and the qualifications of the people you want. We know that your time is valuable – which is why we send you only carefully selected temporary, contract, long term contract and direct-hire talent according to your criteria.

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